Claire McCusker Dublin

"Got my car Terracleaned last week.... had previously failed nct 3 times on emissions. Passed NCT today!! Delighted!! Great service from Terraclean, team arrived early, did the job in my drive in the time they said.. very professional. Thanks guys!"

Ian Crofton

"I had my 2003 1.8 petrol Mondeo done in 2012, it was very close to failing the previous NCT on emissions, after the car has been terracleaned my emissions has more than halved. I got about another 1mpg since the treatment and considering im a borderline hypermiler i would consider that a result."

John Davis

"Thought I should share my experience. Just had my Mercedes 280 CLK Terracleaned @ J and E Motors in Speke Liverpool. The car now feels brand new has improved acceleration and improved the fuel consumption from 23mpg to 28mpg. It just shows how various fuels leave the carbon deposits in the fuel system. I would highly recomend the process and the team at J + E Motors"

Eoin Devoy

"I got this done a couple of yrs ago on my diesel Córdoba. The results are brilliant. I'll be getting my pajero done soon."

Brian Merriman

"Had The lads out this morning great service.  TD5 Defender 02 chipped & remapped with 193k miles failed the DOE on emissions 4.05 Back today for the the retest emissions were 0.12 that's some difference thanks lads"

Damon Zund

"Had the car (1.6 petrol mivec colt) terracleaned last week after badly failing the emissions, the CO was 2.32% and have now dropped to 0.08% and the the HC's were 286 and have now dropped to 165! Great result thank you!"

Michelle Busuttil

"Absolutely amazing!!!! This guy knows his stuff!!! Was contemplating getting rid of my BMW X3 due to airmass faults and not running correctly! And like magic this guy sourced what was causing the air mass fault isolated to double check then fixed the problem and done a full clean and I feel like I've got a brand new car!!! Very impressed and would highly recommend to EVERYONE!!!! Worth every penny!!! Thank you again"


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Why Terraclean

  • Lower Running Costs
  • Reduced Emissions
  • Regain Performance
  • Agents Nationwide
  • Affordable Service


"I got this done a couple of yrs ago on my diesel Córdoba. The results are brilliant. I'll be getting my pajero done soon."

Eoin Devoy

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